Do “toxic people” exist?

I believe there are no “toxic people”. People can be unpleasant, evil, malicious, nasty or mean. Really a lot of words to be used apart from the word “toxic”, in that respect.

My objection is based on the actual meaning of the word “toxic”. Whether something is toxic or not, depends on the dose. Paracelsus, the father of toxicology, said it long ago.

If people are toxic, then you simply reduce the dose to its bare minimum. At so low doses, there is really no need to bother describing those people.

If people are malicious, then it is really not your problem. You cannot change them and maybe it’s better for you to protect yourself from those people.

Our intellect allows to critically reflect on people’s behaviors and traits. We may simply consider leaving the word “toxic” as a descriptive to a substance rather than a person.

People are complex creatures that deserve an effort to be first understood and then evaluated. If we try, we will see clearly through them. And who knows, we may find magic souls and beautiful hearts.



Author: De Leone

Highly educated and highly insecure time to time. As strong sense of responsibility, as the one of a super hero's to save the world. Balanced proportion of sensitivity/insensitivity... Case-depended.

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