Second Interview… Always be yourself

So I went to this company for the first time, did my best and here it goes! I received a second invitation for the same position within a day.

I did have a good feeling  because I enjoyed my first interview but I didn’t want to get exited because you never know what happens. Sometimes, our fears do not let us see how good it can be when you are yourself.

In fact, what else, better than being yourself, can you be?

Don’t get me wrong, when I say “being yourself” I don’t mean “stay the same old self of yours”. To the contrary, I encourage you to be yourself, to embrace your powers and your weaknesses and never forget who you want to be.

We all chose our own battles and therefore, our ambition to become better is part of who we are. Of course, choosing our own battles comes with the responsibility to work on it. This time, no one is going to support you, no one is going to force you. Only you are responsible for your choices and for acting upon them.

To bring it back to my second interview:

Again, I should be myself and I should focus on who I want to be. Getting a new job means entering a new chapter in your life. The more determined I am the more likely it is to get the final offer!



Interview … Just be yourself

Good news! I managed to get invited to a job interview!!!

Oh the stress just kicked in the moment I saw the invitation email. I have a chance to get the job I am looking for all this time. Lets step back for a minute and think about it.

This is a first interview with this company. Do I have a chance to make it? If I think of how many capable people there are out there, I must admit  find it hard. But does the number of capable people really matter?

I just graduated my PhD and I did complete a difficult project. I am actually on top of the world right now. I promised I am an excellent candidate, in my cover letter, because I believe it. Although still a candidate, I do have a chance to get this job simply because I was given the chance to explain why I applied for this job.

Today, I spend a few stressful hours and then I just pulled myself together. I read the requirements of the position again, researched about the company, looked up the profiles of my interviewers, tried to revise everything I know so far on the topic, checked all possible questions an interviewer can make, tried to find smart answers…and I got more stressed.

I give up, I only have time to be myself. I will explain what it means to me to work on something I love. I want to make it as much as someone tries to get oxygen while his head is forced below the surface of water. If and only if I convince them that getting this job will give oxygen to my life, I have a true chance to get this job.

I may as well be myself then.




The job of your dreams

Of Your dreams…

Does the “job of your dreams” exist?

Definitely YES… But again most probably NOT.  The repetitive nature of jobs may change a job into something boring or at least not-so-nice. There is nothing fun when something becomes repetitive. No wonder why people run away from their offices every Friday evening… Finally weekend !!!!!

Every job, from a cleaner to a prestigious doctor, can become boring and tiring. There is no such a thing as “good” or “bad” jobs. A job that sounds ideal for me may be the death sentence of another person.

So, to find a right match in the job market, we need to know what we want from our job and and how we are going to take it. Once you find the job you were looking for, it requires your dedication to learn and your courage to dare.

How nice would it be if we all did what we liked in life. But again, how would we know if we never had a shitty job? In the spirit of adaptation, we may welcome any challenge that comes along in our work-life even if it is a shitty job that we simply don’t like to do.

My last thought about the “job of your dreams” is that apart from finding “the job”, it is rather important to find what your dreams are at first place.

What are the dreams you make with your eyes open? How are you going to make them true? What makes you happy in a rainy morning? What job do you want to have?


The pursuit of a job

Is it important?

The pursuit of happiness would most probably sound much more romantic, however, we live in a cruel world and paying our bills can dominate our mind when our savings (if any) are dropping dramatically.

As plain as it sounds, unless you have a source of income that allows you to simply enjoy life without thinking of your survival, we all have to find our way in the job market. It would be ideal to get paid for what we like to do, but many times we are called to do shitty jobs. I have been through this phase for some time now, not long but enough to make me think what do I want in life and most importantly how I am going to get it.

Jobs 2017 blog will carry the process of how people can find out what they want, how they can accomplish it and how they can communicate this to the job market, thus the world we live in, through my eyes.

Calmness and dedication: This is what you need to make things work

You can see my grown-up shadow in this photo as well. I took a photo of my “photo as a kid” last time I visited my parents’ home. Sometimes we all need to go back, remember who we were in order to find out who we want to be.