Persistence again …. or motivation

Yesterday I was so eager to defend persistence over motivation, and it’s really true.

For example, here I am siting on my couch thinking: should I go to the gym or just stay and watch series?

I’m so lazy right now that I’ve thought thousands reasons why I should stay at ho me and what I should say to my gym body …

But…… it’s time to persist !


Motivation vs. Persistence


Lately I doubt motivation

How long does motivation last and how helpful is it when you want to achieve something?

I remember myself not being motivated and keep on working towards my goal. The easiest example, I can think of, is finalising my thesis. I was not motivated when I finished my thesis, damn no I wasn’t. But I was persistent. No matter how low my motivation was, I was too stuppborn to give up. Persevering with your goals, work every singly day, 10 hours, 12 hours, doing something that makes you angry and tired and annoyed, is what brings results. Not giving up brings results, not giving up makes your happy at the end of the day. This feeling of having accomplished your goal.

This is always the case, find out your purpose, set your goals and persevere. Learn every day, work every day, get tired every day thinking only this: there is nothing more fullfilling than reaching your goal. Complition of something that used to be just an idea and how you made it happen, you made it work, you just made it. It doesnt have to be your thesis, there is no limit to what people decide that it’s important or worth their time and energy.

So yes lately i doubt motivation

I rather be persistent

Setting clear goals for yourself is crucial!

The universe does not make conspiracies

Freddie Mercury said it all: “I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!”. I do not find a reason to wait for the “universe” to send me what I wish for. I will work my way there, and yes I will be thrilled to see the “positive energy from the universe” on my side, but let us be honest:

The universe only reflects the outcome of our own actions. So work your way to accomplishing your goals, whatever your goals are.  No one will be more willing to make your dreams become true than yourself.

In any case, an honest effort, in achieving our goals,  deserves the attention from the “universe” and the support from our people.