An Alternative Cover Letter

I wonder if I get invited for an interview after this cover letter I sent:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having seen the advertisement for the position of ### at @@@ I am writing to you in order to highlight my motivation and relevant experience with respect to this position.

In the spirit of honesty, I will start with downsides, rather than my upsides which are rather outstanding. It might occur that non-academic world hesitates to hire Drs, however, I am convinced that my skills and qualifications are vital for private market. My personal goal, after my graduation, is to make a significant contribution to the world of regulatory affairs and registration of chemicals/products. I love learning, but I like application even more, therefore, I believe I am the right match for this position at @@@, a leading industry in paints and not only.

Admittedly, my research has been industry oriented as I have been working with @@@@, however, always maintaining academic standards. My final thesis was evaluated as sufficient which sounded almost worrying. But wait a second, I managed to produce a sufficient amount of work, which proves my skills to resolve complex issues, by myself and on time.

Apart from demonstrating my analytical skills by developing a decision analytic framework I also demonstrated my communication skills by establishing mutual agreements between economists, toxicologists and statisticians in order to finalize my interdisciplinary project.

During this project, I lived in many countries in Europe and I worked in three different work environments (academia, industry, research centers), indicating my strong international and multicultural orientation. The results of my thesis have made a contribution to the process of getting chemicals registered under regulatory constraints.

More important than my skills is the sense of responsibility which drives me in life. I am a good listener but with my own views still there. I speak my opinion with robust argumentation as I did during my negotiations to turn my research into a more ‘toxicological’ direction. Using strong arguments, providing a feasible plan for the recommended change, coupled with a smile most of the times lead you to the desired result.

Having highlighted my downsides and most importantly my upsides, I wish we will have the chance to further talk about a feasible plan that will allow me to make a contribution to @@@ as a ###. I would like to thank you for accepting my application. I wish you luck with the recruiting process and I am looking forward to meeting you.


Sincerely yours,

M. De Leone


Interview … Just be yourself

Good news! I managed to get invited to a job interview!!!

Oh the stress just kicked in the moment I saw the invitation email. I have a chance to get the job I am looking for all this time. Lets step back for a minute and think about it.

This is a first interview with this company. Do I have a chance to make it? If I think of how many capable people there are out there, I must admit  find it hard. But does the number of capable people really matter?

I just graduated my PhD and I did complete a difficult project. I am actually on top of the world right now. I promised I am an excellent candidate, in my cover letter, because I believe it. Although still a candidate, I do have a chance to get this job simply because I was given the chance to explain why I applied for this job.

Today, I spend a few stressful hours and then I just pulled myself together. I read the requirements of the position again, researched about the company, looked up the profiles of my interviewers, tried to revise everything I know so far on the topic, checked all possible questions an interviewer can make, tried to find smart answers…and I got more stressed.

I give up, I only have time to be myself. I will explain what it means to me to work on something I love. I want to make it as much as someone tries to get oxygen while his head is forced below the surface of water. If and only if I convince them that getting this job will give oxygen to my life, I have a true chance to get this job.

I may as well be myself then.