An Alternative Cover Letter

I wonder if I get invited for an interview after this cover letter I sent:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having seen the advertisement for the position of ### at @@@ I am writing to you in order to highlight my motivation and relevant experience with respect to this position.

In the spirit of honesty, I will start with downsides, rather than my upsides which are rather outstanding. It might occur that non-academic world hesitates to hire Drs, however, I am convinced that my skills and qualifications are vital for private market. My personal goal, after my graduation, is to make a significant contribution to the world of regulatory affairs and registration of chemicals/products. I love learning, but I like application even more, therefore, I believe I am the right match for this position at @@@, a leading industry in paints and not only.

Admittedly, my research has been industry oriented as I have been working with @@@@, however, always maintaining academic standards. My final thesis was evaluated as sufficient which sounded almost worrying. But wait a second, I managed to produce a sufficient amount of work, which proves my skills to resolve complex issues, by myself and on time.

Apart from demonstrating my analytical skills by developing a decision analytic framework I also demonstrated my communication skills by establishing mutual agreements between economists, toxicologists and statisticians in order to finalize my interdisciplinary project.

During this project, I lived in many countries in Europe and I worked in three different work environments (academia, industry, research centers), indicating my strong international and multicultural orientation. The results of my thesis have made a contribution to the process of getting chemicals registered under regulatory constraints.

More important than my skills is the sense of responsibility which drives me in life. I am a good listener but with my own views still there. I speak my opinion with robust argumentation as I did during my negotiations to turn my research into a more ‘toxicological’ direction. Using strong arguments, providing a feasible plan for the recommended change, coupled with a smile most of the times lead you to the desired result.

Having highlighted my downsides and most importantly my upsides, I wish we will have the chance to further talk about a feasible plan that will allow me to make a contribution to @@@ as a ###. I would like to thank you for accepting my application. I wish you luck with the recruiting process and I am looking forward to meeting you.


Sincerely yours,

M. De Leone


The pursuit of a job

Is it important?

The pursuit of happiness would most probably sound much more romantic, however, we live in a cruel world and paying our bills can dominate our mind when our savings (if any) are dropping dramatically.

As plain as it sounds, unless you have a source of income that allows you to simply enjoy life without thinking of your survival, we all have to find our way in the job market. It would be ideal to get paid for what we like to do, but many times we are called to do shitty jobs. I have been through this phase for some time now, not long but enough to make me think what do I want in life and most importantly how I am going to get it.

Jobs 2017 blog will carry the process of how people can find out what they want, how they can accomplish it and how they can communicate this to the job market, thus the world we live in, through my eyes.

Calmness and dedication: This is what you need to make things work

You can see my grown-up shadow in this photo as well. I took a photo of my “photo as a kid” last time I visited my parents’ home. Sometimes we all need to go back, remember who we were in order to find out who we want to be.